Favorite Item

What is your most favorited item by others in your Shop?
Up until today the most “hearted” item in my Candie Ink store on Etsy is one of  my two Chocolate Addiction Print:

Why do you think this print is the most liked?
It speaks to a lot of the people that are active on Etsy.com. Etsy buyers and users are mostly women and we all know that (many) women have a thing for chocolate. Since I am from Sweden my love for chocolate will never go away, but I am incredibly picky when it comes to what chocolate I will actually eat and I think we all should be picky about our chocolate – only the best to the beautiful women on our planet!

This print is easy to like, even if you are not interested in actually buying it – the quote with the secret message (I am a chocolate addict) is pretty clever if I may say so myself. It is a statement that is cute and embarrassingly true! Hahaha..

This print is currently a 8×10 print and also available in 5×7 if requested. Could you see any other use for this?
Yes, absolutely. I have a thing for squares so I might make this into an 8×8 as well. But that is probably not what you meant. I can totally see this being made into a greeting card. That will for sure make someone smile. We don’t get greeting cards too often these days and this could be something you would want to save because of the actual print and also for (I am sure) the cute message someone took the time to write and mail you…


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