Create a Buzz

I learned a long time ago that a great product or a great service is not what makes the most sales… it is everything else, everything that goes on around it.

Could you imagine if we opened a college with the best professors in the world yet we didn’t tell anyone about it… Their knowledge and expertise would be wasted and the college would close up shop before it even opened. Yet the college down the street with the worst professors with a “multi-spending” marketing campaign are doing great…

The same goes for every business we enter into, no matter the size or what we are trying to sale. You could have the greatest cookies, facial products, software out there but if you don’t let people know about it through the proper channels you are not getting anywhere. Network at all times, but don’t be a pain in the behind! Don’t be the typical “sales person” – instead try to identify a problem that you can help solve. Mouth-to-mouth is by far the best advertising you can get, and it is free, however you cannot pay for it so try to figure out how to get there and you probably have solved your biggest problem. You want to create a buzz about what you offer.

If you are starting out, try to give free samples, offer free consultations, or have a testing group for both feedback and to spread the word. Listen more than you talk no matter how hard it is. And then make sure the customers knows how to find you!

What are your suggestions to create a Buzz?


2 thoughts on “Create a Buzz

  1. Creating a buzz is actual work. I happen to enjoy it but I think often my family just thinks that I am addicted to my computer. Sharing with others, reaching out and noticing the great work others have done and making new friends. That is my favorite way to create a buzz. I need to come back and read what others have to say.

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