Can you get used to it?

I just created a custom order for a wonderful woman who ordered from my Etsy shop. Her support and kind words are like Candy to my soul!! Does that feeling ever get old??

Kind comments, Encouraging words, and Helpful feedback – what business owner would ever survive without it??! Not me.. I thrive on those things. They make me grow and they make me more confident. I don’t think I will ever get tired of hearing it!

This kind woman has inspired me to create MORE! Her request gave me such a great idea that I proposed to her and we decided to go with it. Now I am thinking about making it into a regular listing! Wow.. I guess that is how it works when people say “my customers inspire me”!!! 🙂

My new customer ordered this Tiffany Style card and wanted to use it as a Thank You card from her and her friend’s Birthday party. I ended up making 2 tags with each of their name, inserting 3 pictures of their birthday trip, AND I made it into a Tent Card with the background looking like the bottom of a Tiffany box.


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