4 years & counting

Sometimes it feels like forever ago and sometimes it feels like yesterday. Today, four years ago, I was getting ready for what was to become one of the best days of my life. I didn’t know then, 4 years ago, that the love I felt then could grow into a life full of laughter, great times, smiles, encouragement — and a love and appreciation far greater than being ‘in love’.

It is about the little things… I love waking up to a kiss from you almost every morning, even though I am barley conscious that early… I love that you allow me to be crazy and ‘too’ creative. I love that you still call me ‘babe’ even on the days I don’t really feel like a ‘babe’… I love that you call every day while you are at work even if you don’t have anything important to say. But most importantly – I LOVE to see you smile and being around you (even if we are spreading tons of stone, digging holes in the backyard, putting stucco on a house, or just watching TV).

You make my days baby. I love you and I love being married to you!

June 28, 2008 | Ivyland, PA


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