Working on some pictures to make my new product shine!! Having fun!!



Sneak peak

Here is a little preview of a great conversation starter…


Just sweet?

I have just made my first sample of a new product coming to my Etsy store soon 🙂

It was a 100% success and I will make my second sample tomorrow so stay tuned – there might be some fun items that could fit into your fall wardrobe in the store shortly.

So, stay tuned…

Most Wanted

The NUMBER ONE viewed item in my shop is now these great and economic conscious Thank You Cards!!

The listing is a digital listing. Meaning that once your personalized card has been made from the picture of your choice I will email it to you — and you have the right to print them in however many copies you want! All for $15

Just imagine the possibilities… Wedding, Birthday, Shower, Save the date, Birth Announcement, etc, etc…
To get your own Thank you cards click: Candie Ink Personalized Thank You Cards