Sarah Jessica Parker’s Look for Less

Seen in September Sarah Jessica Parker was wearing this comfortable attire while walking hand in hand with her son. Boyfriend style jeans, Converse shoes, and a relaxed but yet feminine fit sweatshirt is a must for the fall, winter, and even next year’s spring look! Add a styled handbag to the mix and you have completely mastered the look!

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In the wait for Sandy

As Sandy is getting closer and closer I am working on getting as much stuff done as I can before we will most likely lose power later tonight. Right now it is just windy and some rain out there but you can tell something bigger is coming.

Took my lovely dog out for a walk a few hours ago.. and I have a feeling it will be the last walk in the next few days.

20121029-131712.jpgTo all of you out in Sandy’s path.. stay safe.

Halloween Report

The party yesterday turned out great! I had a blast and am mighty tired today…

Thank you Tori a.k.a Lara Croft The Tombraider for all your help – Love you!!


Lara Croft the Tombraider and Jessica Rabbit


Slash it Hard-rock style!


My girls!


Marilyn, you win!


Party as is… there was not a costume required party


Mr Bond at his best!

Prepping for Halloween

It is the night before my Halloween party and I can just see how crazy my day will be tomorrow getting everything ready. An overall theme for my decoration and costume has been Reduce-Reuse-Recycle!! Which has also made it cheaper.

Part if my costume is made out of leftover fabric from my bridesmaid dresses, an old sheet will become ghosts, and a friends wedding candle holders will now get a makeover!

Pictures later – I promise.


So I lied…

Based on my post yesterday about my frustration over why I have to defend what and how I eat every day… I decided to give some lies a try.

Some people at work wanted to go out for sandwiches or pizza, I can’t remember what it was. And I asked if they had anything non-bread… upon someone off course asks “why”?

After about 2 seconds of hesitation I said – I can’t have gluten… The respond was:
– “ahhh… well let’s go to xyz instead because they have a large selection of everything”

Is my next step to say that I have diabetes? Will that make people back off when it comes to my sugar? Just asking…

It’s a Sweet and dangerous thing

I am a sugar addict. No question about it! However I am trying VERY hard to become a recovering sugar addict. And I find it harder than I thought it would be.

… Not because I cannot do it but because of the people around me that have comments about it: “you can eat a little”, “don’t be silly you don’t need to stop eating sugar completely”, “just have sugar on the weekend”, “the body needs sugar too”, “here, have some dessert”, etc etc… I am so SICK of it! WHY DO I HAVE TO DEFEND MYSELF???!?!?! By being a recovering sugar addict I should just say “I am allergic to sugar” or maybe even “I am a diabetic” would that change the reactions and make them more supportive? Do I have to start lying  about why? You don’t offer an alcoholic a drink on the weekends, say that wine is good for blood circulation, or tell him that he can have it once and a while??? No, I didn’t think so.. to me sugar is a drug and to me sugar is a far worse drug then alcohol will ever be to me.. so please…

I don’t want sugar in my life anymore. I don’t want to want it, and I wish I never eat it again… I know I will have sugar again eventually just because it is so hard to avoid but if I know about it, and if I can do something about it – I do NOT want sugar. Understood?!

(I need to point out that my husband, Nutritionist and Health Clinician: Tony, and friend C have been HUGE supporters of my efforts so to those I am forever thankful)

Are you also fighting for what you believe in? (Health, life, religion, etc) Please share your thought and why your surroundings are making it so much harder for you then it has to be.

I am currently reading Lick the Sugar Habit by Nancy Appleton PhD – to get emotional support and also strength to push through as I am going through the toughest part of my recovery. A recovery filled with sweet dreams and cravings. It helps me to continually learn about the effects of sugar to our body and health.

Cosy Slouchy Feminine Sweatshirt – Great Christmas Gift

I just uploaded my own favorite to my shop. A screen printed slouchy fit feminine sweatshirt with the text “Sweet and…”

…and I learned that ANYONE can finish that sentence for you – it could actually be a pretty darn good conversation starter. Just ask!

I have already been named Sweet and Dangerous / Sassy / Sour / Tall / …what will come next??

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