Maybe it is Christmas

I haven’t experienced Christmas as an active Etsy seller until this year and it might just be a coincidence – but I have sold 3 items in a few hours 🙂 It makes me so happy that the stuff that I like someone else likes as well!!

I have sold 2 [SWEET AND] Adult Sweatshirts and 1 [SWEET AND] Long sleeve tee for girls.. It is so EXCITING!! 🙂


From the Daily Dose of Handmade

Today I am featured in the “Daily Dose of Handmade” Blog! And to celebrate it and give the readers of that blog and this one… I am offering an even better discount than I did for the Thanksgiving week. 35% off!!

From me to you with Love this wonderful Holiday season

Go here and read for yourself and get the discount code: (Will expire on December 5th)

Candie Ink Featured on Daily Dose of Handmade

One more day! Cyber Monday

Don’t forget. Cyber Monday is tomorrow to round up the thanksgiving weekend. My etsy shop is waiting for you to find something for a family member, colleague, friend, hostess etc. I have something for adult and children.

And here are some other great gift ideas:
Why not give away ‘save the date’ cards to the future bride and groom?!? Or invitations for your best friends future baby shower?!?

Can’t decide what you want – get a gift card!!!

25% off! Enter code BIG25 at checkout. Go to to shop!


25% off NOW through Monday!

As Black Friday is coming to an end – I hope you all got a satisfying piece of it – I am keeping my doors open throughout Cyber Monday with some great deals… Because; No matter how nice it is to run around at the mall with hundreds of other people trying to find something for everyone on your Christmas shopping list – it might just be nicer to do it from your sofa in your PJ’s…

I love Etsy and all the crafters and artists you can find there. So even if you do not find anything in MY shop I suggest you look around

I have some new items geared toward the adult crowd and soon I will be adding some more clothes! 🙂 STOP BY AND TAKE A LOOK… Looking doesn’t cost you a dime! 😉

And if you DO feel like shopping with me.. I’ll be extra nice and offer you 25% DISCOUNT on EVERYTHING. Use Code “BIG25” at checkout for the discount to be applied.

Happy shopping and Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!


Happy Monday!

Or is it??
It’s a 3 day week really… but Monday is still Monday and I just want to crawl back to bed!! 🙂
Made this print to honor all of those who have one of those days every once and a while! GET IT HERE

To learn and Grow

Last week I did my first two craft shows and with all the preparation and time I spent getting everything ready, I never thought it would turn out the way it did. I sold one print in two shows!

And it wasn’t because my prints are bad… many people stopped and made very encouraging comments… but it was the wrong time and place for me and my stuff.

I learned that I cannot compete with Pampered chef, Mary Kay, and the numerous of non-handmade jewelry vendors… Because instead of talking about my products and what I could do for the customers I had to spend time letting them know that I actually did MAKE everything myself and wasn’t just another re-seller of something. I need to be at a craft fair where vendors and home party sellers are not allowed. So that will be my next try.

Mandy Moore’s Look for Less!

No matter where you see her, Mandy Moore always seems so comfortable with herself as a person and it shows in the clothes she picks. Relaxed, feminine, and pretty! Get the look for yourself or even better – for a lucky gal for Christmas!

Get the same look for less!

1. 1969 Deconstructed Always Skinny Jeans by GAP $69.95 – Click here to order
2. Jess Classic Tote Bag by Bag Story $42.00 – Click here to order
3. Sweet Sweatshirt by Candie Ink $38.00 – Click here to order
4. Restricted Bay Flat at DSW $39.95 – Click here to order
(Shipping and Taxes not included)