Grey & Yellow – So IN!

As my fingers have been itching for months now to start decorate my own house we bought a little over a year now I gather inspiration from everywhere. Grey and Yellow have been on the top of my color schemes for a while for at least one of the rooms and it really took a turn when a friend of mine ask me to create some wall art for her and her husbands bedroom…

Here is what I found much inspiring and something I would want to incorporate into my Grey and Yellow… so steal away my friends! Hope you enjoy!

YellowAndGrey11. Flower Abstract Wall Art, set of three 8×10 prints from Candie Ink — $55 for all three (frames not included)
2. Lamp I found online. Made by a yellow vase with a white top. No seller found.
3. Letter it up! Everyone has a letter they can relate something to.. Put yours up on the wall. Prices around $50 per letter from Dragonfly
4. White and Yellow curtains to make it bright and light. Starts at $39 from The Land of Nod
5. Decorate with some fresh lemons in a vase you have sitting around! Cheap and fresh!
6. Yellow and White decorative pillows that will go great with the grey sofa. Two 18×18 pillows for $30 from Castaway Cover Decor
7. Stunning Grey sofa! I want one!! $1,500 at My Loft Lifestyle


2013 Collection is making its apperance!

So, I was not able to keep it hidden anymore… I have been working on some new items that belongs to my 2013 collection. And first in focus are the BOYS! It’s time I started making something for them… I am so EXCITED to introduce my “MUSIC IS MY EXPRESSION” T-Shirt for you all:


I made the this print and t-shirt after realizing how much music plays a role into how we express ourselves. Sometimes we can’t find our own words and sooner or later that one song comes on that says everything you wanted to say and more…

Music is a way to express a mood or strengthen a mood.  When we work out we listen to a certain music to get some extra energy to make it through those last reps, when we are sad we listen to music that can comfort us, when we are happy… etc You get the point!

So Boys! This one is for you and for all those expressions you hold inside.


How it is made: I fimusic2rst created the design using Photoshop, then the image was transferred to a screen. To get the image on the t-shirt I use ink and a squeegee to spread the ink out on the screen while putting pressure on the screen so the ink will transfer to the t-shirt. When the ink has dried it must be heat treated in order to be water proof so I iron it for five minutes. Done! You got to love handmade 🙂


For those beautiful little souls…

angelpaintSince Friday I have not been able to close my eyes without feeling somewhat lost. What is really going on when a semi-adult person goes in and brutally kills 20 children and their teachers? I cannot understand, nor do I want to. I think about the fear the children must have felt before they went to heaven. I think about their brothers and sisters who will never understand why their role model and best friend is not coming back. I think about their parents who will never kiss their children goodnight again…

Sadness is not a word strong enough. Strength is a must.

I created an Etsy Treasury today with tears in my eyes… For the Children of Sandy Hook Just to do something to honor them and their short lives. May their souls become angels!

One of the sellers, after telling her about the treasury she was included in, she said she was going to send an angel to each and everyone’s family… what a sweet thing to do!

greenangelGet an angel for yourself at The Captain’s Wife

Other beautiful items that are included in the Treasury are:

noah childrenofgod  braceletGo to treasury for the full list of beautiful items For the Children of Sandy Hook

Testimonials Update

Have you checked out my testimonial page lately?

I just updated it with some excited new comments I have been getting from some of my customers! It is so NICE to hear that I can make people happy with what I create.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart!


Christmas crazy

meDo you also feel like time is just being sucked into a hole and you didn’t get to use it before it went? I feel like I am just a spectator of it at the moment. I can’t even get a whiff of it. Time that is…

Still trying to get the Christmas shopping together but it is a slow process. On top of it I have to get stuff that will fit in a USPS “if it fits it ships” box or no one will enjoy them anyway. All my gifts are leaving the country and heading to Sweden where my family is. Well no one will get anything unless I find stuff.. Damn it! I knew I should have started in August!

I am currently absorbed in tasks that have nothing to do with Christmas. Planning a beef and beer fundraising event to help a friend who just got diagnosed with neropancreatic and lung cancer… Hopefully we can get enough money to make a difference. If you care to donate or help out just go here: Stand up 4 Kevin

On Saturday it is wedding time. Another friend is getting married! She is like my American sister in fact. Her parents really took me in when I moved here. So to stay on budget for the wedding I was first going to rent a dress from RentTheRunway instead of buying one I would probably only wear once. But then I decided to go even cheaper and is now MAKING a dress instead. Stupid decision since I really do NOT have time for such a thing… But that is me. Planning is EASY – sticking to the plan is another story! And ideas come and go… they seem great in the beginning… Me in a nutshell

So in the midst of thingsBruno4, I am still trying to work my regular job, learn applied Kinesiology and muscle testing, keep up with my Etsy orders, teach dance once a week, be a wife, a dog owner, eat, sleep and exercise.. I honestly feel I don’t have the energy to give each task my fullest attention and I hate it! But at least I never have to be bored 🙂 Life is good after all!! 😀

How are you all doing? Are you going Christmas crazy too??