For those beautiful little souls…

angelpaintSince Friday I have not been able to close my eyes without feeling somewhat lost. What is really going on when a semi-adult person goes in and brutally kills 20 children and their teachers? I cannot understand, nor do I want to. I think about the fear the children must have felt before they went to heaven. I think about their brothers and sisters who will never understand why their role model and best friend is not coming back. I think about their parents who will never kiss their children goodnight again…

Sadness is not a word strong enough. Strength is a must.

I created an Etsy Treasury today with tears in my eyes… For the Children of Sandy Hook Just to do something to honor them and their short lives. May their souls become angels!

One of the sellers, after telling her about the treasury she was included in, she said she was going to send an angel to each and everyone’s family… what a sweet thing to do!

greenangelGet an angel for yourself at The Captain’s Wife

Other beautiful items that are included in the Treasury are:

noah childrenofgod  braceletGo to treasury for the full list of beautiful items For the Children of Sandy Hook


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