About Me

Easy going, Funny, and a Scatter brain (read: energetic, passionate, and a little crazy)… at least that is how many people around me would describe me. I am a person that enjoy multiple roles in my life – even though I am the same person throughout. And I do it all with a smile on my face and a touch of humor.

My life is far from perfect, but very, very enjoyable.

As far as titles; I am a wife, dog owner, home owner, real estate investor, holistic health advocate, dance teacher, Internal ISO Auditor and Coordinator, and a small business owner that see no end to the horizon of possibilities…

I was born in Sweden in 1980 and have lived in the US since 2008 with my husband. When I look at myself as a small business owner I see no better fit for me. I like to make my own schedule. I like to go where my imagination takes me. And I like to do the beginning to end product handling and customer contact. Nothing beats that! I can be 100% positive that the product care has been done to my satisfaction and then later to the customer’s satisfaction without any middle hands. I want a close relationship with my current clients and future clients. I want them to know me for who I am both as a person and a business owner. I want my clients to feel secure that what they are getting from me is what they ordered and nothing less.

I am not a high end brand, but not a low end budget either. I believe that today’s buyers want options and custom care – and that is what I am willing to give them.

Currently I am selling Wall Prints, Screen printed shirts, and Electronic cards but is slowly working on creating a Beauty Line with organic ingredients – a project I am very excited about!

To visit my Etsy shop click: CANDIE INK ON ETSY

DSCI1622My forever companion. My Rescued Rottweiler Bruno! He follows me around everywhere and really hate when I stay up too late… but my nights are mine. It is my “me-time”…


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