Save-the-date for the DIY Bride

I am in the time of my life when I always know someone that is getting married soon.
Listening to the bride and groom to be and how much money everything costs always brings me back to my own wedding. It was a true DIY-wedding both for economic reasons but also because I wanted my personal touch on everything.

Even if you are not a DIY person but need to save a little here or there. There are multiple ways you can save. Let’s start with the save-the-date cards.

Many couples avoid to send out Save-the-dates all together, even if it is a wonderful announcement of your engagement and kind of the start of your exciting (and maybe frustrating) wedding planning period. Not sending out the save the dates might save you a few guests in the end that you don’t really care to have there but you might miss out on some people that you do want to see there.

In my view Save-the-dates are easy to make by yourself and these days you can even send a save the date over e-mail which saves on the stamp cost as well. For the printed out versions you can create them on your computer and print them by yourself on a higher quality paper, print them at a printer or photo publisher, and you can order templates and have custom made templates made for you. Each and everyone of those options are more economical than the traditional: Custom order cards to be printed/stamped and shipped to you where you then also have to ship it out to the guests.

Here are a few Save-the-date custom templates that are email friendly, or that can be printed at home or with a photo publisher. There is only one low fee for the template ($13-$15) no matter how many you are going to print!

Tiffany Style Save-the-date $13

Save-the-date with a Modern Twist $15

Triple Heart Save-the-date $13

“She said YES” Save-the-date card $15