New Item – Matches Pottery Barn Daisy Garden’s Quilt Set

After some time off everything Etsy (and some vacation from work) I am now back – somewhat at least . Still suffering from slight jet lag from my trip to Sweden and stress over everything that is going to have to be crossed off the to-do-list this fall. It is exciting but sometimes overwhelming to think of all the must do’s..

Ok, I guess some are just want-to-do and should-do, while others are must-do…

Anyway… before vacation I was asked if I could work on some wall art for the daughters of a friend. She has both room decorated with Pottery Barn’s lovely items but was expressing the difficulty finding pieces to hang on the wall that would match the rest. So I was thrilled with the task to create something cute and worthy to be associated with the Pottery Barn bedroom sets. I started with Daisy Garden set and here is the result.

Pottery Barn FlowersTo get your own 3 piece set go to: Candie Ink on Etsy





Being BLITZED by the Daily Dose of Handmade Team

Last week I was selected by the team “Daily Dose of Handmade” to be BLITZED in Team Treasuries on Etsy. A very excited announcement that ended up in 8 treasuries that CandieInk was featured in during a week. I am truly honored and very excited to share with you the treasuries made.

What is an Etsy “Treasury”?
A treasury is a list of 16 items (or less) selected by the Treasury creator. Anyone with an Etsy login can create a Treasury. It is a great way to feature items you really like, or help other shop owners get more exposure. We are after all a community with very talented artists who supports each other reach the goals we are dreaming of.

To see the full treasuries (16 items) click the Treasury Titles and you will see how fantastic they all are 🙂 The creator of the different treasuries are also listed under the picture – click on their links to take a look at some other great shops!

Chocolate is Addicted to ME!

chocolateaddictBy Julie @ Julie Ellyn Designs

Sweet and…

SweetAndJrBy Julie @ Julie Ellyn Designs

Minty Fresh

LovetheMostBy Julie @ Julie Ellyn Designs


Music3By Julie @ Julie Ellyn Designs

Summer Love

i missed youBy Amanda @ Electic Nesting

Oh I love my CandieInk!

LovetheMostBy Cylene @ The Lovely Smith

With Envy

humankindtankBy Allison @ Daisy Lane Design


sheSaidYesBy Helen @ Helen Kilsby Studio

Thank you to all Treasury creators!!

Letter of the month – June

I enjoy writing these. It gives me a chance to both showcase my items and to say hello to my customers in a more personal way. No matter how many followers I get I think I will still be pretty personable and speak from my heart. Because that is who I am..

Here is a link to the Letter of the Month – June in case you missed it!

allanimalsCandie Ink on Etsy


Damn. – If I keep up with this speed there will only be 12 posts a year!

What’s new guys?
Well for me, since last there has been lots going on both with my little Etsy shop and with my personal life. My bestseller is still going strong – which is amazing since I created it just out of the blue when one of my best friends was looking for something for her bedroom.

yellowgreywhiteI created it in a few other colors as well but it seems like the Yellow – Grey – White combo is still going strong!

Then I made a summer tank top or something to use in the Yoga and Pilates studio. Also an item that seems to have caught on. I was going to stock up on some more tanks for future orders but my distributor is even out so this weekend I am putting up another version with a lovely purple tank instead of the green. Both look and feel amazing with a message that could be used a little bit more in this crazy world.

humankindtankI also had the pleasure to have dinner with the King of Sweden, Queen of Sweden, Princess of Sweden and her fiance Sir Chris O’Neill, Vice President Biden, Dr. Biden and many other Politicians in Delaware not long ago for the 375th Anniversary of New Sweden (and area in Delaware where the first Swedes came when they immigrated to the US back in the day). It was an event I most likely will not experience again so I am so happy my grandmother convinced me the money was worth it! 🙂


My and my hubby at the dinner


King of Sweden, Queen of Sweden, Mrs Ambassador of Sweden, Mr Ambassador of Sweden, Princess Madeleine of Sweden, Sir Chris O’Neill

My upcoming Etsy project, except for making the purple tanks is to make two sets of wall art that matches with two specific Pottery Barn blanket set. It will be an exciting project!! 🙂

Something New

I know I haven’t produced anything new in a while.. Been kind of without inspiration. But with the spring knocking on the door I feel it coming again. Been outside sipping every ray up. How about you guys?!

Here is my newest addition to my Etsy shop: A set of 2 Poppy Flower Prints. 🙂 Each print is 8×10 inches. Works wonderfully on any wall in any room. Let’s bring back some colors in our lives!


Grey & Yellow – So IN!

As my fingers have been itching for months now to start decorate my own house we bought a little over a year now I gather inspiration from everywhere. Grey and Yellow have been on the top of my color schemes for a while for at least one of the rooms and it really took a turn when a friend of mine ask me to create some wall art for her and her husbands bedroom…

Here is what I found much inspiring and something I would want to incorporate into my Grey and Yellow… so steal away my friends! Hope you enjoy!

YellowAndGrey11. Flower Abstract Wall Art, set of three 8×10 prints from Candie Ink — $55 for all three (frames not included)
2. Lamp I found online. Made by a yellow vase with a white top. No seller found.
3. Letter it up! Everyone has a letter they can relate something to.. Put yours up on the wall. Prices around $50 per letter from Dragonfly
4. White and Yellow curtains to make it bright and light. Starts at $39 from The Land of Nod
5. Decorate with some fresh lemons in a vase you have sitting around! Cheap and fresh!
6. Yellow and White decorative pillows that will go great with the grey sofa. Two 18×18 pillows for $30 from Castaway Cover Decor
7. Stunning Grey sofa! I want one!! $1,500 at My Loft Lifestyle