It’s a Sweet and dangerous thing

I am a sugar addict. No question about it! However I am trying VERY hard to become a recovering sugar addict. And I find it harder than I thought it would be.

… Not because I cannot do it but because of the people around me that have comments about it: “you can eat a little”, “don’t be silly you don’t need to stop eating sugar completely”, “just have sugar on the weekend”, “the body needs sugar too”, “here, have some dessert”, etc etc… I am so SICK of it! WHY DO I HAVE TO DEFEND MYSELF???!?!?! By being a recovering sugar addict I should just say “I am allergic to sugar” or maybe even “I am a diabetic” would that change the reactions and make them more supportive? Do I have to start lying  about why? You don’t offer an alcoholic a drink on the weekends, say that wine is good for blood circulation, or tell him that he can have it once and a while??? No, I didn’t think so.. to me sugar is a drug and to me sugar is a far worse drug then alcohol will ever be to me.. so please…

I don’t want sugar in my life anymore. I don’t want to want it, and I wish I never eat it again… I know I will have sugar again eventually just because it is so hard to avoid but if I know about it, and if I can do something about it – I do NOT want sugar. Understood?!

(I need to point out that my husband, Nutritionist and Health Clinician: Tony, and friend C have been HUGE supporters of my efforts so to those I am forever thankful)

Are you also fighting for what you believe in? (Health, life, religion, etc) Please share your thought and why your surroundings are making it so much harder for you then it has to be.

I am currently reading Lick the Sugar Habit by Nancy Appleton PhD – to get emotional support and also strength to push through as I am going through the toughest part of my recovery. A recovery filled with sweet dreams and cravings. It helps me to continually learn about the effects of sugar to our body and health.


Hold your life in your hands

I rarely quote someone, but this kind of stuck with me as I am reading the heaviest and thickest book in my collection “Staying Healthy with Nutrition – The Complete Guide to Diet and Nutrition”. The author, Elson M. Haas M.D., in her introductory chapter says:
“…A healthy diet most obviously involves common sense. The body sends us messages to change the diet to attune to its real needs; the internal biofeedback system is superb when we corporate with it rather than override it. Yet many of us follow our desires and taste buds, eating the richer, sweeter, or saltier foods that industry promotes and packaged / processed nutrition provides.

It may not seem to matter a great deal in the short term that we follow our passions / addictions rather than our common sense. But this does affect how we feel and function now, and it does make a difference over the long term, both in our health and in our economy…

…So, love yourself and care for your body with good food and exercise. It is the only body you have, and if you treat it right, give it what it needs, in return it will care for you for life…”

When I read it I almost get emotional – because it is so true for most of us out there. I know with my own struggles to become a healthy person. A person others can look up to as well as come to for questions and concerns… that the statement is so true… If we treat our bodies with love and care – it will give us what it can. Our body is an amazing thing but it will not function unless we give it what it needs… It is all up to each and every one of us – the responsibility is all our own… not others. It is not politics, it is not religion, it is not marketing, it is not status – it is just us and our bodies… and what we do with that amazing responsibility.

Today’s Health Tip – Juicy Apples

Today’s health tip is simple and to the point: NEVER EAT APPLES THAT ARE NOT ORGANIC!!

Always eat Organic Apples – No Exceptions!

Here is why [part of the article “Apples Among Most Pesticide-Laced Produce – Eat Organic!” from: RODALE NEWS, EMMAUS, PA] Pesticides in food have been linked to all sorts of health problems, including ADHD and birth defects. In fact, last year the President’s Cancer Panel recommended that people eat organic to prevent cancer.

For the 2011 list, the EWG dubbed apples the most contaminated produce, with pesticide residues detected on 98 percent of the 700 apples tested by Department of Agriculture (USDA); 92 percent of apples contained residues of two or more pesticides. After apples, their “dirty dozen” list of most contaminated produce includes celery, strawberries, peaches, spinach, and domestic blueberries. This year, the organization notes, the USDA also tested cilantro for the first time, and found 33 unapproved pesticides on 44 percent of cilantro samples. Cilantro was the thirteenth most contaminated food.

As helpful as the EWG’s annual list may be when you’re buying produce, its bigger significance may be as a reminder of why choosing organic food whenever possible is so important. Avoiding chemically grown food, even the types not at the top of the EWG list, means avoiding chemicals that end up in, not just on the surface of, your food.

Finally, even if pesticide residues aren’t winding up on food, they are winding up in our water supplies, in our air, and in the dust and dirt that get tracked into our homes. Buying organic whenever possible translates to fewer toxic chemicals being dumped into our water and soil.

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Easy DIY Detox

Today’s health tip is a good one for all party animals out there… Well… to be honest we can say that this health tip is good for everyone that: eat processed food, drink alcohol, uses non-organic beauty products, uses synthetic products in any part of their daily routine, exercise, etc….

So I guess this health tip goes out to all of you! LOL!! (including me) 🙂

I learned about the benefit of Epsom Salt Bath while drinking Apple Cider Vinegar Tea from the Well of Life Center (where I go to have my Nutritional Response Testing done) as a powerful detox for your body. When the following recipe is used to it’s full potential you will start to sweating out those toxins from your body, engage your thyroid, and improve your metabolism within a few minutes.

The Epsom Salt Bath of Well of Life Center for a Natural Body Detox:
– Fill bath tub with hot water (as hot as you can stand)
– Add 2 cups of Epsom salt
– Soak for 20 minutes while drinking a cup of Hot tea made out of Water, 1-2 table spoons Bragg’s Organic Apple cider vinegar and Organic Honey or Agave Nectar to taste
– After your bath rinse for 10 seconds in cold water, 10 seconds in hot water, 10 seconds in cold water, 10 seconds in hot water, and finish with a last 10 seconds in cold water
– Dry yourself up fast and put on some clothes to keep you warm, even wrap yourself in a blanket
– Wait until you start to sweat and sweat for 20 minutes if possible to let the toxins out!

The Epsom Salt and the Apple cider vinegar will work together as a more powerful detox that one of them alone. This bath can be done multiple times a week for added benefit!

Mini Health Tip

I know that health has “nothing” to do with selling and making cards and prints – Health has a bigger purpose than that. Health and holistic health specifically, is why I even stand here today. Without it I would have been shoved into a box of diagnoses and drugs by now…

So I figured I would share a few tips here and there to all of you out there. Making changes is hard, especially when you do a total 180 flip. Rarely do people manage to handle it and flip right back to where they started, frustrated and angry. Taking small steps, making one change after another will make it so much easier… Both for your wallet and your mind.

Cook your food in BUTTER or COCONUT OIL – Most other oils becomes toxic at high temperatures. Use Oilve oil on top of your food once it has been cooked instead.