My Products

Animal Prints
A few years ago, 2007 to be exact, I started drawing Animal Prints intended as wall decoration in any child’s room. I have always had a love for kids decoration because the sky is the limit on what you can do. No adult can ever compete with a child when it comes to imagination. And I love that!! Today I have nine prints intended for kids in my shop.

They all come in 5×7″, 8×10″ and can be special ordered in 8×8″ for those who are into the even sided squares, just as I am.

Other Prints
Then I started to create other prints, prints that are geared towards a more adult audience. They are all created with a person or situation in mind. Anger, love, cravings, mood… there is something behind every print – just ask me! These comes in 5×7 and 8×10 but can be special ordered too!

Electronic Files
Not long ago I started to notice cards. I really like cards. They are fun to get and fun to give. I started to investigate and found so many that would sell their cards for so cheap… and then I realized that they were all electronic files emailed to the buyer once finalized. Such a bright idea!!! So I started doing it too. I stepped into the wedding scene and stared to create Save-the-date and thank you cards, maybe not the most traditional ones – but who is traditional these days 🙂 I love that today’s brides and grooms are more relaxed and free spirited and do what floats their boats! I want to get married again just to play around with everything that is out there. LOL

I also started to do some Shower invitations and think I can grow this area much bigger along with Birth announcements, Birthday Invitations and much more! There is so much more out there to play with when it comes to electronic files. It totally gives the buyer the chance to decide how they want to use it and they can find a template that really fits their style. You can even add your own personal pictures into the prints! Then the buyer can select if the want to print it on paper, print it as a photo, send it in an email, or create it in any other way they see fit. I truly think that is a great idea.


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