Julie Ellyn Designs – Jewelry for the Fashion minded

To get sales numbers up many Etsy sellers try to trade with other sellers to both give and receive public feedback. Feedback and number of sales is what makes an outside buyer that doesn’t know you; more comfortable buying from you. My next featured seller is someone that I have done such trade with! Julie gave me a pair of gorgeous earrings (that one of my colleagues is trying to steal from me) and I gave her a print from my shop.

I have nothing but love and appreciation for Julie of Julie Ellyn Designs as a shop owner, artist, Team Leader of the Etsy Team: Daily Dose of Handmade  (where I first got to know here), and as a person – kind, passionate, and a true Etsy soul!

Julie makes earrings for a trend-aware crowd with a clean silver look and some fun sparkling crystals, her bracelets are just as trendy with an exotic urban feel to them.

On the question “What is your most sold item?” Julie answered: “The Cameron Earrings have been my top seller over the last year, but my new big sellers are the gemstone and leather wrap bracelets.”

Many new Etsy sellers have a fear of not getting any sales, what would you say to them, looking back at your own start? “My shop had a very slow start, until I joined an Etsy team. My first team was Etsy Tradeaholics, a fabulous group. My “sales” grew from there as I traded wares with other fabulous shops. Each trade event brought more attention to my shop and other sales began to trickle in.”

Tell us how you try to stand out from all the other jewelry creators on Etsy
“There are a lot of jewelry designers on Etsy. I try to stand out by staying up to speed with styles and keeping my price range reasonable. With the major down turn of the economy over the last two years, I retired a lot of my gemstone designs for more affordable simple sterling pieces. Now that things are looking up, I have brought back my gemstones with full force! 🙂

What got you into Jewelry making?  
“I started making jewelry after I had so much trouble finding the perfect necklace and earrings for my wedding and gifts for my bridesmaids. After attending a gem and jewelry show I had custom necklaces and earrings made for my friends and they were a big hit! I realized that jewelry making was something I really wanted to try! Here I am today!

Inspiration is a big thing among designers and creators, where do you get your inspiration from? “My friends are my inspiration. I love talking to them about what is “missing” from their jewelry box or what they saw a celebrity wear.”

What is your favorite item in your shop?
“I have two current favorites…this amber wrap bracelet that I just made:

And these gemstone earrings”:

Other AWESOME Items from Julie’s Shop

Any last word to other Etsy Sellers? Join teams; I have made some of the best friends on Etsy. They keep me strong and keep my urge to create alive.”

Thank You Julie for sharing your experience with us as well as letting us know you a little bit better. I wish the rest of 2012 will bring you awesome inspirations and new customers.

VISIT JULIE’S SHOP HERE: Julie Ellyn Designs


Save-the-date for the DIY Bride

I am in the time of my life when I always know someone that is getting married soon.
Listening to the bride and groom to be and how much money everything costs always brings me back to my own wedding. It was a true DIY-wedding both for economic reasons but also because I wanted my personal touch on everything.

Even if you are not a DIY person but need to save a little here or there. There are multiple ways you can save. Let’s start with the save-the-date cards.

Many couples avoid to send out Save-the-dates all together, even if it is a wonderful announcement of your engagement and kind of the start of your exciting (and maybe frustrating) wedding planning period. Not sending out the save the dates might save you a few guests in the end that you don’t really care to have there but you might miss out on some people that you do want to see there.

In my view Save-the-dates are easy to make by yourself and these days you can even send a save the date over e-mail which saves on the stamp cost as well. For the printed out versions you can create them on your computer and print them by yourself on a higher quality paper, print them at a printer or photo publisher, and you can order templates and have custom made templates made for you. Each and everyone of those options are more economical than the traditional: Custom order cards to be printed/stamped and shipped to you where you then also have to ship it out to the guests.

Here are a few Save-the-date custom templates that are email friendly, or that can be printed at home or with a photo publisher. There is only one low fee for the template ($13-$15) no matter how many you are going to print!

Tiffany Style Save-the-date $13

Save-the-date with a Modern Twist $15

Triple Heart Save-the-date $13

“She said YES” Save-the-date card $15