Chocolate Sale…

Valentines Day is in the past but I am sending you all some LOVE anyway!

It is time for my first SALE of the year!
For ONE week ONLY I will sell this print for 25% off!! (Offer expires on March 9, 2013)
So get it now for $15 instead of $20 — Same price as my small prints.

Don’t miss the secret message in the print: Chocolate addiction is real 😉

Print Details:
Size: 8×10″
You can change the colors free of charge!

Chocolate NecessityGet it HERE


Testimonials Update

Have you checked out my testimonial page lately?

I just updated it with some excited new comments I have been getting from some of my customers! It is so NICE to hear that I can make people happy with what I create.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart!


Cosy Slouchy Feminine Sweatshirt – Great Christmas Gift

I just uploaded my own favorite to my shop. A screen printed slouchy fit feminine sweatshirt with the text “Sweet and…”

…and I learned that ANYONE can finish that sentence for you – it could actually be a pretty darn good conversation starter. Just ask!

I have already been named Sweet and Dangerous / Sassy / Sour / Tall / …what will come next??

The stock is low so make sure to order them NOW in order to be SURE to receive them by Christmas

Go to Candie Ink Clothes to view details and to purchase

Donate a little. Give a lot.

When I originally started the previous post I was going to write something completely different but my emotions took over…
What I wanted to say is that this month of October I have decided to donate to causes that are a lot smaller and closer to heart. I am not donating to Cancer research, than my own… but I can help someone who have lost their mother to the disease and that is what I am doing. I am donating:

Go to Courage for Kristi to help raise money for her three children’s college found. The store is getting filled up by donated hand made items from around the world of Etsy.

Christmas in July

I am jumping on the band wagon.. It is time for Christmas in July — Only I am EXTENDING it to August 15th due to my upcoming vacation!!! (Please note that orders placed between July 23rd and August 14th will be processed on August 15th, not applicable to the electronic print-at-home selections – they will be shipped as normal, via e-mail)

Enter code XMAS2012 at checkout to receive 25% off your entire order (shipping not included)

The sale is on full force right now at CANDIE INK on ETSY

2 Sales in one night!! :)

Remember how I made my shop goals for June… (to add more items, do a trade, and get at least one more sale).

Well… I didn’t add any new items, or do a trade.. but all of a sudden I have an order!! And the customer requested some cupcake toppers too – so that became TWO orders!! 🙂

I am so HAPPY!! (And on top of it… I FINALLY got my FIRST iPhone today)

These are the cupcake toppers I made for her