To learn and Grow

Last week I did my first two craft shows and with all the preparation and time I spent getting everything ready, I never thought it would turn out the way it did. I sold one print in two shows!

And it wasn’t because my prints are bad… many people stopped and made very encouraging comments… but it was the wrong time and place for me and my stuff.

I learned that I cannot compete with Pampered chef, Mary Kay, and the numerous of non-handmade jewelry vendors… Because instead of talking about my products and what I could do for the customers I had to spend time letting them know that I actually did MAKE everything myself and wasn’t just another re-seller of something. I need to be at a craft fair where vendors and home party sellers are not allowed. So that will be my next try.


Save the date – Craft Fair in PA comming up!

Ok, so I have booked in TWO craft fair appearances. My two first – ever –
I am excited and a little nervous. Normal thoughts are: What if I don’t sell anything? and What if I don’t bring enough stuff?

I guess those are normal concerns to have preparing for something like this. It would almost be strange if I didn’t. So basically I am working of making it work for me and my potential new customer 🙂

Stop by and say hi if you have the possibility and let’s the Christmas Shopping BEGINS!
Here are the dates and locations:

Friday November 9th 2012 – 6pm to 9pm
Home Shopping Extravaganza
Doylestown Township Activity Center
425 Wells Rd, Doylestown PA 18901

Saturday November 10th 2012 – 10am to 3pm
Lower Moreland PTA Family Craft & Gift Fair
Lower Moreland High School
555 Red Lion Rd, Huntingdon Valley PA 19006


First Craft Fair

Should I be completely nervous?! – I just decided, after some thinking, that it is time that I put my Candie Ink stuff up for sale at a craft fair. And this is the time to do it! Christmas will be here faster than we know it!
Any good tips? What do I bring? What do I have think about? What are must haves?