Easy DIY Detox

Today’s health tip is a good one for all party animals out there… Well… to be honest we can say that this health tip is good for everyone that: eat processed food, drink alcohol, uses non-organic beauty products, uses synthetic products in any part of their daily routine, exercise, etc….

So I guess this health tip goes out to all of you! LOL!! (including me) 🙂

I learned about the benefit of Epsom Salt Bath while drinking Apple Cider Vinegar Tea from the Well of Life Center (where I go to have my Nutritional Response Testing done) as a powerful detox for your body. When the following recipe is used to it’s full potential you will start to sweating out those toxins from your body, engage your thyroid, and improve your metabolism within a few minutes.

The Epsom Salt Bath of Well of Life Center for a Natural Body Detox:
– Fill bath tub with hot water (as hot as you can stand)
– Add 2 cups of Epsom salt
– Soak for 20 minutes while drinking a cup of Hot tea made out of Water, 1-2 table spoons Bragg’s Organic Apple cider vinegar and Organic Honey or Agave Nectar to taste
– After your bath rinse for 10 seconds in cold water, 10 seconds in hot water, 10 seconds in cold water, 10 seconds in hot water, and finish with a last 10 seconds in cold water
– Dry yourself up fast and put on some clothes to keep you warm, even wrap yourself in a blanket
– Wait until you start to sweat and sweat for 20 minutes if possible to let the toxins out!

The Epsom Salt and the Apple cider vinegar will work together as a more powerful detox that one of them alone. This bath can be done multiple times a week for added benefit!