Being BLITZED by the Daily Dose of Handmade Team

Last week I was selected by the team “Daily Dose of Handmade” to be BLITZED in Team Treasuries on Etsy. A very excited announcement that ended up in 8 treasuries that CandieInk was featured in during a week. I am truly honored and very excited to share with you the treasuries made.

What is an Etsy “Treasury”?
A treasury is a list of 16 items (or less) selected by the Treasury creator. Anyone with an Etsy login can create a Treasury. It is a great way to feature items you really like, or help other shop owners get more exposure. We are after all a community with very talented artists who supports each other reach the goals we are dreaming of.

To see the full treasuries (16 items) click the Treasury Titles and you will see how fantastic they all are 🙂 The creator of the different treasuries are also listed under the picture – click on their links to take a look at some other great shops!

Chocolate is Addicted to ME!

chocolateaddictBy Julie @ Julie Ellyn Designs

Sweet and…

SweetAndJrBy Julie @ Julie Ellyn Designs

Minty Fresh

LovetheMostBy Julie @ Julie Ellyn Designs


Music3By Julie @ Julie Ellyn Designs

Summer Love

i missed youBy Amanda @ Electic Nesting

Oh I love my CandieInk!

LovetheMostBy Cylene @ The Lovely Smith

With Envy

humankindtankBy Allison @ Daisy Lane Design


sheSaidYesBy Helen @ Helen Kilsby Studio

Thank you to all Treasury creators!!


Chocolate Sale…

Valentines Day is in the past but I am sending you all some LOVE anyway!

It is time for my first SALE of the year!
For ONE week ONLY I will sell this print for 25% off!! (Offer expires on March 9, 2013)
So get it now for $15 instead of $20 — Same price as my small prints.

Don’t miss the secret message in the print: Chocolate addiction is real 😉

Print Details:
Size: 8×10″
You can change the colors free of charge!

Chocolate NecessityGet it HERE

Sneak peak

Here is a little preview of a great conversation starter…


Most Wanted

The NUMBER ONE viewed item in my shop is now these great and economic conscious Thank You Cards!!

The listing is a digital listing. Meaning that once your personalized card has been made from the picture of your choice I will email it to you — and you have the right to print them in however many copies you want! All for $15

Just imagine the possibilities… Wedding, Birthday, Shower, Save the date, Birth Announcement, etc, etc…
To get your own Thank you cards click: Candie Ink Personalized Thank You Cards

Say Thank You

I created these folded cards with a blank inside after I was looking to send someone a thank you card. I didn’t have any and all blank thank you cards out there are so… blahhh… (aka BORING)

Personalized Thank You Cards

So I started to think about making my own (like a true do-it-yourselfer) and came up with these… Now I can send someone a thank you card and make it a little bit more personalized than the ‘blahhh’ thank you cards available in regular stores.

Or what do you think? I decided to sell these in a set of 10 cards and 10 envelopes.
To see the listing go here: Thank You Set of 10; $15

Indulge in some AMAZING bath and body products

If I could pick ONE seller on that I could switch place with it would be with Kathleen of Tucker Hill Designs. I simply LOVE her sugar scrubs and recently bought a whole bunch to use as Wedding Shower Favors – but wish I could use them all for myself.

So, let me introduce Kathleen, owner of the Tucker Hill Design store – a Store full of amazing body care products.

I am guessing that everyone that buys the sugar scrubs loves them (including me); is it your most sold item?
Yes, my most sold item(s) are my sugar scrub cubes (although my new bath melts are giving my sugar scrubs a run for their money). I think the sugar scrub cubes sell well because they are attractive and make unique gifts. I do have quite a few repeat customers for these cubes because of their consistency and exfoliating ability.

How was it to get started on Etsy?
It did seem like it took a long time for my products to get “noticed” on Etsy. There are a lot of shops making and selling similar products in my category. I think it took at least six months for sales to increase – last Christmas was my first Christmas on Etsy and I was quite a bit busier at that time. I think also that feedback is a huge driver – after accumulating a number of positive feedbacks I think my sales started to increase also. People have comfort in knowing that others liked certain products.

What do you do to stand out here on Etsy?
There are a few things. I extensively research and experiment with my products before offering them for sale – hopefully the quality and care comes through in the final product when used by my customers. I try to take good, clear pictures of my products and write appropriate, and sometimes entertaining, descriptions of my products. That’s all the customer has – they can’t pick up a jar of scrubs and examine it and smell it. Another thing that is very important is customer service. I try to communicate quickly and clearly to my customers or potential customers – I think this communication makes a big difference. It is important to me that my customers feel a bit special – you don’t get that treatment at most stores or by ordering online from major companies.

What got you started?
I “retired” from being a paralegal in 2009. A good friend of mine has a gift shop and wanted to offer reed diffusers to her customers. So researching and crafting reed diffusers started me off, but it wasn’t long before I moved into skin care items and then bath items (being a bath junkie doesn’t hurt LOL).

Where do you get your inspiration from?

Constant research! Now that I have this business, when I shop, that is research, too. Looking at labels, fragrances, styles, etc. My husband told me recently, your business is all you talk about. It was then that I realized that handcrafting these items is my passion.

What is your favorite item in your shop and why?
I can tell you what it is now, but that may change – I love the new bubble bath bar stacks that I am making. They are unique and so cute.

Other amazing products from Kathleen’s store are her body lotions in so many different scents. And her bath melts – if I only had a big bath tub…. 🙂

Any tip you want to share to fellow Etsy sellers?
Yes – be patient if you are a new Etsian. It takes time to get noticed on Etsy simply because there are so many shops and creative artisans. I realize that some of the sellers have “day jobs” and cannot spend full time creating and selling. However, the person sitting at their computer at home doesn’t know that – all they know is that there is something they are interested in buying. Communication is key – let them know when their item is being shipped. Answer any questions they have as soon as you can. It takes time to develop a reputation and the reputation will bring you additional and repeat customers through word of mouth.

  • Take clear pics of your items and tell your potential customer as much as you can about it.
  • Use Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook and your blog to drive people to your Etsy shop.
  • Join Etsy teams and create treasuries to gain exposure.

So, so many great tips and ideas from a clearly PASSIONATE creator!! Thank you SO MUCH for sharing your perspective on how it is to be an Etsy shop owner and how to expand and keep improving your line. Have a wonderful summer with some time off as well as many sales! 🙂

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Give-Away Winner

The Lucky randomly selected winner of Becky’s Irish Moss Tin Candle and Greeting Card is: MELISSA!!

Melissa, please contact Becky at to receive your prize.

For those of you who didn’t win. This candle and greeting card can be found in Becky’s Etsy store at Good Neighbors Candle among other amazing soy candles and cards!