New Item – Matches Pottery Barn Daisy Garden’s Quilt Set

After some time off everything Etsy (and some vacation from work) I am now back – somewhat at least . Still suffering from slight jet lag from my trip to Sweden and stress over everything that is going to have to be crossed off the to-do-list this fall. It is exciting but sometimes overwhelming to think of all the must do’s..

Ok, I guess some are just want-to-do and should-do, while others are must-do…

Anyway… before vacation I was asked if I could work on some wall art for the daughters of a friend. She has both room decorated with Pottery Barn’s lovely items but was expressing the difficulty finding pieces to hang on the wall that would match the rest. So I was thrilled with the task to create something cute and worthy to be associated with the Pottery Barn bedroom sets. I started with Daisy Garden set and here is the result.

Pottery Barn FlowersTo get your own 3 piece set go to: Candie Ink on Etsy





Something New

I know I haven’t produced anything new in a while.. Been kind of without inspiration. But with the spring knocking on the door I feel it coming again. Been outside sipping every ray up. How about you guys?!

Here is my newest addition to my Etsy shop: A set of 2 Poppy Flower Prints. 🙂 Each print is 8×10 inches. Works wonderfully on any wall in any room. Let’s bring back some colors in our lives!