Halloween Report

The party yesterday turned out great! I had a blast and am mighty tired today…

Thank you Tori a.k.a Lara Croft The Tombraider for all your help – Love you!!


Lara Croft the Tombraider and Jessica Rabbit


Slash it Hard-rock style!


My girls!


Marilyn, you win!


Party as is… there was not a costume required party


Mr Bond at his best!

Prepping for Halloween

It is the night before my Halloween party and I can just see how crazy my day will be tomorrow getting everything ready. An overall theme for my decoration and costume has been Reduce-Reuse-Recycle!! Which has also made it cheaper.

Part if my costume is made out of leftover fabric from my bridesmaid dresses, an old sheet will become ghosts, and a friends wedding candle holders will now get a makeover!

Pictures later – I promise.