Most Wanted

The NUMBER ONE viewed item in my shop is now these great and economic conscious Thank You Cards!!

The listing is a digital listing. Meaning that once your personalized card has been made from the picture of your choice I will email it to you — and you have the right to print them in however many copies you want! All for $15

Just imagine the possibilities… Wedding, Birthday, Shower, Save the date, Birth Announcement, etc, etc…
To get your own Thank you cards click: Candie Ink Personalized Thank You Cards


Make it Visual

How many times have we heard that we need to be as visual as possible. Pictures say more then a thousand words! And the more savvy our customers becomes… we have to match them and become better at showing our customers EXACTLY what thy are getting.

I just realized that I have listings for 5×7 prints for all my animals and have it written in the text that you can order all of them as a 8×10 also you just have to contact me first… BUT I don’t have a listing for it (to make it easier on the customer) and I don’t have a picture that demonstrate the difference. Yes – most people would know how big a 5×7 vs. a 8×10 is… but doesn’t this say more???

On top of the world

During one of my business trips for my “9-5 job” the weather would not allow us to work one of the days, so me and a few of my colleagues went to the Sequoia National Park in California and had a blast. I liked the pictures so much that I decided to use them as my Blog header… What do you think??