Being BLITZED by the Daily Dose of Handmade Team

Last week I was selected by the team “Daily Dose of Handmade” to be BLITZED in Team Treasuries on Etsy. A very excited announcement that ended up in 8 treasuries that CandieInk was featured in during a week. I am truly honored and very excited to share with you the treasuries made.

What is an Etsy “Treasury”?
A treasury is a list of 16 items (or less) selected by the Treasury creator. Anyone with an Etsy login can create a Treasury. It is a great way to feature items you really like, or help other shop owners get more exposure. We are after all a community with very talented artists who supports each other reach the goals we are dreaming of.

To see the full treasuries (16 items) click the Treasury Titles and you will see how fantastic they all are 🙂 The creator of the different treasuries are also listed under the picture – click on their links to take a look at some other great shops!

Chocolate is Addicted to ME!

chocolateaddictBy Julie @ Julie Ellyn Designs

Sweet and…

SweetAndJrBy Julie @ Julie Ellyn Designs

Minty Fresh

LovetheMostBy Julie @ Julie Ellyn Designs


Music3By Julie @ Julie Ellyn Designs

Summer Love

i missed youBy Amanda @ Electic Nesting

Oh I love my CandieInk!

LovetheMostBy Cylene @ The Lovely Smith

With Envy

humankindtankBy Allison @ Daisy Lane Design


sheSaidYesBy Helen @ Helen Kilsby Studio

Thank you to all Treasury creators!!


Valentine’s Day vs. Love

I am not a Valentine’s day celebratee.. (or whatever you would be called). I honestly think it is kind of silly that roses triple in price (if that is even enough), every restaurant is full, and that people throw around hearts everywhere… Sure it is cute and I would gladly accept a bunch of beautiful red and pink roses and have a romantic candle light dinner.. But I’ll take that any day of the year 😉 you know..

But Valentine’s day is still around the corner and it will happen no matter what I think about it. So to celebrate LOVE rather than just Valentine’s day I have some great pieces that could enlighten your home with something sweet that will last (and not ruin your new years resolution diet).

“You are Beautiful”
Is a poem I created for the importance of seeing how beautiful every individual is in themselves… Poem reads: “The ideal or perfect cannot be described in reasonable terms. The closest facsimile to perfection is not the idea, not the quantified or qualified. It is the fact that perfection is a living character. For if there is a beauty of anyone, there is a beauty of all” Get it here for $20


And on the lighter side… but still says a whole lot of how much love is thrown around in your home — almost like Pillow fight 😉 Get it here for $20


As always — get your Candie Ink Prints at Candie Ink on Etsy and don’t forget that these prints can be changes to any colors to match your decor and preferences! That is what handmade is all about!!

Christmas crazy

meDo you also feel like time is just being sucked into a hole and you didn’t get to use it before it went? I feel like I am just a spectator of it at the moment. I can’t even get a whiff of it. Time that is…

Still trying to get the Christmas shopping together but it is a slow process. On top of it I have to get stuff that will fit in a USPS “if it fits it ships” box or no one will enjoy them anyway. All my gifts are leaving the country and heading to Sweden where my family is. Well no one will get anything unless I find stuff.. Damn it! I knew I should have started in August!

I am currently absorbed in tasks that have nothing to do with Christmas. Planning a beef and beer fundraising event to help a friend who just got diagnosed with neropancreatic and lung cancer… Hopefully we can get enough money to make a difference. If you care to donate or help out just go here: Stand up 4 Kevin

On Saturday it is wedding time. Another friend is getting married! She is like my American sister in fact. Her parents really took me in when I moved here. So to stay on budget for the wedding I was first going to rent a dress from RentTheRunway instead of buying one I would probably only wear once. But then I decided to go even cheaper and is now MAKING a dress instead. Stupid decision since I really do NOT have time for such a thing… But that is me. Planning is EASY – sticking to the plan is another story! And ideas come and go… they seem great in the beginning… Me in a nutshell

So in the midst of thingsBruno4, I am still trying to work my regular job, learn applied Kinesiology and muscle testing, keep up with my Etsy orders, teach dance once a week, be a wife, a dog owner, eat, sleep and exercise.. I honestly feel I don’t have the energy to give each task my fullest attention and I hate it! But at least I never have to be bored 🙂 Life is good after all!! 😀

How are you all doing? Are you going Christmas crazy too??

Most Wanted

The NUMBER ONE viewed item in my shop is now these great and economic conscious Thank You Cards!!

The listing is a digital listing. Meaning that once your personalized card has been made from the picture of your choice I will email it to you — and you have the right to print them in however many copies you want! All for $15

Just imagine the possibilities… Wedding, Birthday, Shower, Save the date, Birth Announcement, etc, etc…
To get your own Thank you cards click: Candie Ink Personalized Thank You Cards

4 years & counting

Sometimes it feels like forever ago and sometimes it feels like yesterday. Today, four years ago, I was getting ready for what was to become one of the best days of my life. I didn’t know then, 4 years ago, that the love I felt then could grow into a life full of laughter, great times, smiles, encouragement — and a love and appreciation far greater than being ‘in love’.

It is about the little things… I love waking up to a kiss from you almost every morning, even though I am barley conscious that early… I love that you allow me to be crazy and ‘too’ creative. I love that you still call me ‘babe’ even on the days I don’t really feel like a ‘babe’… I love that you call every day while you are at work even if you don’t have anything important to say. But most importantly – I LOVE to see you smile and being around you (even if we are spreading tons of stone, digging holes in the backyard, putting stucco on a house, or just watching TV).

You make my days baby. I love you and I love being married to you!

June 28, 2008 | Ivyland, PA

Save-the-date for the DIY Bride

I am in the time of my life when I always know someone that is getting married soon.
Listening to the bride and groom to be and how much money everything costs always brings me back to my own wedding. It was a true DIY-wedding both for economic reasons but also because I wanted my personal touch on everything.

Even if you are not a DIY person but need to save a little here or there. There are multiple ways you can save. Let’s start with the save-the-date cards.

Many couples avoid to send out Save-the-dates all together, even if it is a wonderful announcement of your engagement and kind of the start of your exciting (and maybe frustrating) wedding planning period. Not sending out the save the dates might save you a few guests in the end that you don’t really care to have there but you might miss out on some people that you do want to see there.

In my view Save-the-dates are easy to make by yourself and these days you can even send a save the date over e-mail which saves on the stamp cost as well. For the printed out versions you can create them on your computer and print them by yourself on a higher quality paper, print them at a printer or photo publisher, and you can order templates and have custom made templates made for you. Each and everyone of those options are more economical than the traditional: Custom order cards to be printed/stamped and shipped to you where you then also have to ship it out to the guests.

Here are a few Save-the-date custom templates that are email friendly, or that can be printed at home or with a photo publisher. There is only one low fee for the template ($13-$15) no matter how many you are going to print!

Tiffany Style Save-the-date $13

Save-the-date with a Modern Twist $15

Triple Heart Save-the-date $13

“She said YES” Save-the-date card $15


When someone asks me where I get my inspiration from I normally don’t really have a good answer because to me it feels like it just jumps on me. But the truth is that I get my inspiration from things that goes on in my life. Friends having kids and friends getting married is pretty much my driver at the moment.

One of my closest friend is getting married on September 15th and I was jumping of joy when she asked me to be in her wedding a few months ago. Since then I have been focusing on wedding related items, such as save the date announcement, thank you cards, and invitations. I don’t think I would have thought about it if it wasn’t for her getting married!

Dress I will be wearing for my friends wedding as a Brides maid! 🙂

I started with my animal prints and then moved over to do some adult prints (which seems to be working) and now I am stepping into the ‘card’ game. I can’t wait to see what the future is going to bring me but I am pretty sure it is not going to stay with just prints and cards even though you can do a lot with that alone. I am incredibly interested in natural health and well-being so it feels like a new venture might be opening up here in the future. Maybe something like ‘Candie of the Earth’ beauty products or similar…. who knows 😉